Month: March 2010

Nathan’s Story

This is a work in progress.  My husband’s grandfather, Nathan is a man of mystery in a family of many mysteries.  I have more questions than answers, but here is what I know so far. Nathan was born June 3,

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Did you get your envelope this week?  I admit that opening it gave me a little thrill.  We all love the census and we feel like it’s ours, even though genealogy was the last thing census takers have ever had

Who Was My Great Great Grandmother?

I have a couple of brick walls involving women in my Boothby line. Two of the women who married my Boothbys seem to have been born with a variety of last names. That is, I don’t yet have good evidence

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Timeline for Anna Donahue Costello

Here is  a timeline for the life of Anna Donahue Costello, our Carnival of Genealogy entry for March 2010.  Annie’s life is on the left and major historical events that affected her life are on the right.  Please take the

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Another ancient project of a sailboat entered our lives recently and we are facing the big question.  Not, “Did you notice all those holes in the sails?’ or, “Why doesn’t the engine start?” or even, “Why is the water coming

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