Month: January 2012

Ohio Military Institute, 1935

Having recently written about my mother’s high school experiences, I decided I should do the same about my father. I don’t have a copy of his high school yearbook. I just discovered that the school (which was a military institute)

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My Cousin Dan Sold War Stamps

I recently found this clipping from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in a box of stuff I was sorting through.   The clipping is dated January 1942. I know this from the reverse side, which features a patriotic advertisement. Here is

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What I Have Learned So Far About Social Networking

Facebook I wrote more than a year ago (here) about finally edging my way into the waters of social networking by signing up on Facebook. I have had a number of positive experiences (and a few negative ones!) since then,

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Not New Year’s Resolutions

I started in once again on everyone’s perennial New Year’s resolution–get organized. The same thing happens every year and every year I forget the reason I failed to get organized. I started going through old files and then–“Hey, look at

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McKinley High School, 1936

I was reminded about high school yearbooks in a conversation at our recent family Christmas get-together. A while back I started thinking about the possibility of getting yearbooks for my parents – or maybe even my grandparents – as another

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