Month: October 2012

November Genealogy To-Do List

Research * Write to Christ Church to see if there are records there of Lucy and Thomas O’Shaughnessy’s marriage. * Write to Ditchling church about possible archives and records for Denman family. Organization * Still trying to get that last

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We’ll Weather the Weather Whatever the Weather

We have the boat out of the water, the bathtub filled with water and everything off the deck.  There’s enough peanut butter to survive on and the flashlights are ready and so we sit here in coastal Connecticut watching the

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The Denman Family and the Boorman Family Were Nonconformists

As I said to my walking buddy this morning: I wish I had known about this line of nonconformists in my college days. I was a child of the 60s. I would have loved it. And yes, I do make

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Nathan Stein or My Mother Remembered Everything

One day when I was visiting my mother in her Philadelphia home I actually did something other than lie about and eat her excellent cooking.  I sat my Mom down and went through most of the enormous number of family

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Ann Boorman Denman (1772-1842)

My four greats grandmother was Ann Boorman Denman. She was born in Staplehurst, Kent, England on 9 Aug 17721. She married my 4 great grandfather, William Denman, on 24 Jun2 or 24 Dec 1790, in Headcorn, Kent, England. The date

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