I don’t intend to only write about my family lines, but I will be referring to them some (maybe even much) of the time.  And I’m always interested in finding/being found by new cousins!  So I thought I’d post the 8 surnames of my great grandparents here;  these are the lines I spend most of my time on.  Except when I’m researching my husband’s family – so I suppose I’d better post those names too.  Here goes:

On my father’s side the family names are:

  • Salt
  • Boothby
  • Coffin
  • Earhart

On my mother’s side the names are:

  • Denman
  • Snow
  • Minor
  • Sweet

For my husband’s family the names are:

  • Greenberg
  • Levin(e)
  • Riddner
  • Scheier
  • Yellin

2 Responses to “Pat’s Surnames”

  1. Rosalyn Barnson says:

    Michael Denman & Elizabeth Hubbard are my 3rd great grandparents. Would you happen to know who Michael’s parents were? I’m related to them through my father Raymond Paul Denman>William Henry Denman>Jesse W Denman>Michael Denman>Michael Denman & Elizabeth Hubbard. Love reading your messages.

  2. Missy says:

    I see you have a Snow in your line. I believe I have a Snow that married to a Childs? Can you confirm that? Maybe a Sarah maried to a Stephen? I am part of the Childs line, and I know there are many buried at this cemetery, including my ggggg grandfather Captain Jonas Childs and my gggg grandfather Daniel Childs. If you have any info on the Childs family that would be great. I am in contact with the Pastor, and he is contacting the Historical Society in Beckett, so I am hoping they will have something too. Missy

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