About the Genealogy Gals

The Genealogy Gals are Judy and Pat.  As Judy wrote in the beginning of this endeavor:  We have been friends for approximately a thousand years and genealogy buddies for thirty or so. We have both devoted the majority of our adult lives to research of one sort or another, Pat in psychology and Judy in neuroscience.  We became interested in genealogy separately and were astonished (and delighted) to find we had yet another thing in common (besides the New York Times crossword).  This blog is our attempt to communicate a bit of what we’ve learned and have a little fun.

At some point Judy had to step back from doing any writing.  Life got too busy and interesting to sit still long enough to get any writing done.  So for now Pat is carrying on the writing part of our buddy-ship although we continue to get together regularly and talk about genealogy.  We also travel to various places with the avowed purpose of doing some genealogical research – although our true purpose is to have a fun time together just the two of us.