April Genealogy To-Do List

* This is the same item I’ve been *very* slowly chipping away at. Go through and enter every piece of information stored over the year in Research 2011 folder for husband’s side. Source in RootsMagic database. [Progress is still happening on this goal, but it isn’t finished. I am *determined* to finish it. While I promised I would not to go looking for new information about any of these people as I go through the folders, I clearly didn’t keep this promise – see the Nora post I put up last week. It is very difficult for me to look at information and not follow “just one little trail” or look for “just one piece of information”.]

* Back up the blog. Putting this on my monthly to-do list reminds me, when I look at the post to see that it got published and this helps me remember to actually do the back up. Otherwise my memory doesn’t always work. [I am finding that having this reminder on my to-do list does make me follow through and back up – so it will stay as a semi-permanent item for now. I do hope that it will become enough of a habit that eventually I’ll be able to take it off the list.]
* Go through the remaining piles from the middle inbox on my desk, and see what is lurking there to be put away, entered into the database, etc. Ditto the two boxes of treasures saved from the Great Attic Cleanout (my own attic). [Little additional progress has been made in March, and I added to the mess with those last 2 boxes. But I found my old elementary school days scrapbook!]

* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. [I watched one about obituaries which taught me a couple of new tricks, and may inspire me to use newspaper obituaries more in my research.]

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