April Genealogy To-Do List

* Figure out how to request information about possible records from St. Xavier in Cincinnati. I finally wrote to Christ Church in Cincinnati to see if about records there of Lucy and Thomas O’Shaughnessy’s marriage. I had a nice email exchange with the Archivist who looked at all possible records and found nothing. He also looked for a death record for Lucy’s first husband, Josiah Dalton, and baptism records for her O’Shaughnessy children and came up zero on any of them. So I can rule out Christ Church.
* I wrote to the Ditchling Old Meeting House, about possible archives and records for Denman family. I am beginning a lovely email exchange with a Denman relative who contacted me because of this blog, who also turns out to be most interested in the Ditchling line and to live close enough to get there.
* Set up Salts database and add what I’m learning about the Tennessee Salts. I haven’t done this one yet, but have learned that the Titus Salt line had business dealings close to there, so I need to see if there is a connection.

* Still trying to get that last inbox cleared – somehow there is always something more urgent (read: interesting) to do. Also, I don’t have a great work process for dealing with papers, which makes me less than eager to move them around.
* Back up the blog! Plug-ins found to automate this task don’t meet my needs.

* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. [Judy and I are now set to attend the GRIP course in Pittsburgh in July. I may decide that it will serve for a number of months-worth of genealogy education. However, I will continue to track the webinars and to watch the ones that look useful to me.]

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