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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days, Part 4, Heading West

As Laura wrote, J.W. Booth wanted to investigate for himself the rumors of gold in the Rockies.  He presented the argument that “a trip over the plains would be beneficial to his health and result a permanent cure for the

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March Genealogy To-Do

Well February is about to be over and I managed to accomplish at least one of my goals.  We spent a lovely weekend with my niece at the beginning of the month and had plenty of time to catch up

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Portrait of Z. B. Coffin – One Mystery Solved

This oil portrait of Zebulon B. Coffin, my second great grandfather, has hung in my living room since shortly after we moved into this house in 1983.  Before that it spent I don’t know how much time in several attics. 

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February Genealogy To-Do

Perhaps the most important thing I need to do this month is not directly a genealogy project, but certainly is related to my ability to do online genealogy research.  My body has a love/hate relationship with the computer, currently hitting

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Jeanette Yellin Serling (1904-1999)

I wrote years ago about the Yellin children and a brief summary of their arrivals in the U.S. (here), but am prompted to write more about Jeanette (Scheine Toby) today. Recently Cousin Ron (another family researcher) has sent around an

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