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My Favorite Ancestral Name is Ruhama – 52 Ancestors #6

Although I would not have said that Ruhama is my favorite ancestral name, it turns out that I use it for various pseudonyms and handles and have done so for a long time.  So I guess it is my favorite! 

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In the Census – 52 Ancestors #5

In thinking about how I use the various population censuses available, I am aware that I tend to collect census information early in my exploration of an ancestor but I also go back and look at them when I get

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Who to Invite for Dinner–52 Ancestors #4

There are lots of possible criteria for choosing which ancestor I’d like to have dinner with – my first thought was my brick wall great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Hockman.  However, I’ve written several times about the obstacles I run into

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William Eberle Thompson (1835-1940) – 52 Ancestors #3

When I saw that the third theme for the 52 Ancestors challenge is longevity, I immediately thought of my grandpa Lyle who lived to the day before his 101st birthday.  However, before I started to write about him I decided

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One of My Favorite Family Photos – 52 Ancestors #2

All of my family photos are my favorite!  I have a difficult time saying anything is my favorite, to the exclusion of any other in the category, however here is one of my favorite family pictures.  This is Nechame Dvorah

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