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August Genealogy To-Do List

I’m hearing choruses of locusts on my morning walks these days and being transported back to my childhood days in the middle of Indiana.  The weather has felt a lot like my childhood memories as well:  hot and very humid. 

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July Genealogy To-Do List

June was a busy month with not a lot of very focused genealogy work taking place.  I read a packet of materials I inherited from my father about Titus Salt and more about Titus’s work and Saltaire.  I put a

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June Genealogy To-Do List

I can’t believe that June is here already!  And our weather recently has been just gorgeous.  I’m making it a point to notice and enjoy the sun and the moderate temperatures.  As you can see, my peony is just about

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May Genealogy To-Do List

First, what I managed to do in April:  I finished the new family tree for the wedding that will happen the end of May.  Yay!!  I learn something each time I do one of these.  And I get distracted by

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April Genealogy To-Do List

Once again this is going to be short and sweet.  I accomplished at least one of my tasks for March: I wrote about a female relative, although it wasn’t my Aunt Susan but instead I switched to my husband’s line

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