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You Never Know What You’ll Find If You Look Again!

I have learned this lesson more than once, and can still be surprised when I look again for a record I don’t have and – to my delight! – I discover what I have been doggedly searching for is now

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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days. Part 9, the Rest of the Story

At this point in her memoir Laura seems to have been ready to be done with the writing project, and much of the rest of her story was condensed (relative to the amount of detail in earlier pages).  She dealt

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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days. Part 8, Laura Returns to Ohio

  By the time Laura and her children set out to return to Ohio for an extended stay there were three children (Willie, Nettie, and Henry).  Henry, the youngest, had been born in Golden and was 19 months old when

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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days. Part 7, Farming in Colorado

  The house J.W. was building in the mining community of Spanish Bar was ready for occupancy come the Spring of 1861 and the family moved in.  It was time to start mining, but since there were prospectors working sites

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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days, Part 6, Into the Colorado Mountains

The tent city outside Denver was a diverse little city including  a minister and his family, gamblers, musicians, a saloon, and dens of “gambling and revelry of all sorts”.  Only a few days there were enough for the Booth family

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