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One World War I Veteran

This is Abe Max Scheier, MD.  He was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve corps in Chicago on July 26, 1918 by the War Department.

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November Genealogy To Do

Well, although I got my “new family” chart finalized (and printed beautifully), I haven’t made a decision about a way to share all the information with the couple.  In the past, I have made a sharable CD from RootsMagic but

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A Pioneer Story: Pioneer Days, Part 2, Starting in Iowa

When I last left off with Laura’s tale, she was having a more extended visit with her Townsend relatives and her husband, J.W., was off to Iowa to find a place for them.  Once her husband had found land that

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October Genealogy To-Do List

1.  I will make a sharable family tree for my nephew and his wife, to finish the new family tree project.  I finally (!!) got the chart I wanted made – a bowtie chart with the couple at the middle

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The Stephen Townsend Family

I’m taking a brief side trip today, based on the report of Laura Denman Booth (as last posted) about stopping to visit, stay for awhile, with her relatives in Illinois outside Chicago.  This was the Stephen and Ann Denman Townsend

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