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  1. Pat says:

    Diana, I understand your concern that I was placing the Town Pound in the wrong town! I don’t remember checking that fact and can only assume that I was going by the name on the sign. Now that you’ve raised the question, though, I will go back and check it out. I wonder if the boundary lines of the two towns might have changed over the years, “moving” the Pound from Penacook to Concord? I’d love to hear more about your interest in Town Pounds!


  2. D L R says:

    I’ve thought about this over and over for a couple of years now since looking up Town Pounds and coming across your article and pictures. I would like to point out that this particular town pound is inside of Concord city limits and located on North State Street. While Penacook is a suburb of Concord, it is a mile or so north of this location.

    I know this may be petty, but I couldn’t shake this thought, especially in light of the fact that I drive by this many times each week. Please don’t shoot the messenger and forgive my need to submit this reply. Thank you.


  3. Pat says:

    Hi Chris,

    I envy your trip to Nantucket – I hope to get there to research myself sometime soon. Did you read Sea Letters? It had some interesting history of the island and the people’s various occupations and experiences of the wars, including the War of 1812. Growing weary of the life of the sea is pretty general – did you get more information?
    Thanks for reading and for contacting me!

  4. Chris Ideker says:

    Hi Pat. I am the 4th great grandchild of Davis Whippy (Whippey) and Love Gardner Whippy. They matriculated from Nantucket to Clermont County, Ohio approximately 1811-1812. I just returned from Nantucket to vacation and do a little geneology work. As I am sure you know, if you are a direct descendant of one of the founders, you are probably a direct descendant of most of them! I trace my roots to the Coffins, the Folgers, the Starbucks, the Gardners and the Macys.

    The Nantucket museum states that the migration to Ohio was due to certain residents growing weary of the life of the sea. I find the inference of the effect of the privateering prior to and concurrent with the war of 1812 more compelling. I would appreciate any light you could shed on this and resources I could investigate to find out more about the Whippeys and their ancestors. I still have family in the Cincinnati area and travel there frequently.

  5. Pat says:

    Glad you found my post and liked to see the review of Sea Letters. I truly enjoyed reading it, and it helped me see some detail about my family’s migrating from Nantucket to Cincinnati. I’d be interested in hearing more about your Myricks: is that the family that Phebe Foye Wilcox married into?


  6. Hi! My Myrick family was one of those that came from Nantucket to Clermont County, supposedly in 1811. Thanks for posting about yours and the review of Sea Letters.

  7. Pat says:

    Hi Susan,
    So nice to hear from you! Unfortunately the Denman deed (original of which was found out in California) that I have is a photocopy. I consulted with my local framer, who is very good about archival quality materials and handling old items, and we concluded that it really cannot be unstuck from the glass. So it hangs in my genealogy office, and I have scanned it (through the glass) to preserve what I have. The original is actually in Neversink in the Denman Insurance company office. I hope they have followed through on the several recommendations they’ve had to reframe it as it is aging badly. I am glad to hear there is still at least one Denman Bible around – too bad you don’t have access to it. I’d love to know if it is the oldest one, and/or whether it includes the migrant ancestors William Denman and Ann Boorman. If you learn any more I hope you will let me know. And once I’ve added your information about Michael Denman and your great grandmother Nancy I may have questions for you. I keep trying to fill in all the Denmans!

  8. Susan Raymond Sprague says:

    Hi, Pat–Just found your site while tootling around looking at Denman related items; my great grandmother was Nancy Denman (the eldest daughter of Michael and Mary Tyrell Denman, born at Neversink). I was very interested to hear about the Denman deed found in California–so wonderful that it was returned to you! I can’t shed any light on its travels but make sure you take it to a document conservator and don’t try to unstick it yourself; I have the original wedding certificate of Nancy and Charles A. Raymond from 1880 which I was able to have preserved by one of these amazing professionals associated with the University of Denver. Also, I discovered a number of years ago that my sister is in possession of one of the Denman family bibles, totally unbeknownst to me, but have no idea how she acquired it. As we are no longer in contact, I sincerely regret I can’t give you any further info on this item but believe it has quite a few generations of births and deaths recorded in it. If circumstances change, I’ll let you know what I find out. Best regards, Susan Sprague

  9. Steven Branting says:


    I am completing a chapter in my latest Lewiston, Idaho, history stury concerning the city’s early churches.

    I wish to use your photo of James Cathcart Cole, who served the Adventist congreation here nearly a century ago.

    To whom should I attribute it.


  10. Pat says:

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure what map you are referring to. Is there one titled “Coffin Island of Nantucket”? Glad you found us and hope there was something here of interest.


  11. John says:

    Good afternoon!

    I wanted to see if you have a hard copy of the Coffin Island of Nantucket map. I’m looking to have one displayed for my upcoming wedding in Nantucket, a copy would be great. Thanks!

  12. Mike Babcock says:

    I bumped into your website the other day and saw an old entry about my family in wakeman ohio. You have some pictures of my great uncle Elbert Shelton. My Grandmother, Esther Shelton, was his little sister. She was born in 1899. You posted three pictures. Do you have others scanned? I also have some information about our common ancestors, the Minors. Please email me back.

    -Mike Babcock

  13. Jason Levine says:

    Pat…We might be able to connect some dots on the Levines..Lots of names and places in the old country I have written down from my great grandfather, I also found on your blog, but don’t paint a complete picture..Please email me and I will share what I know !

  14. Charlotte Cooper says:

    1. I am Charlotte Cooper, DAR in Clarkston. I wrote the DAR grant for the Oak Hill Cemetery in Holly Twp. Cady descendants buried there.

    2. Sarah Cady and one of the Arrowsmith grandsons need gravestone repairs. We have cleaned, but Karin Winchester (Holly Twp Clerk) says that repairs need to done at the request of/by/at the cost of descendants.

    3. Therefore, I am constantly searching for descendants who will give permission for repairs to the Cady site. I think I have an Arrowsmith in Clarkston. I will pay for cost of repairs, and I have the people who do the serious work.

    4. If indeed your husband is a descendant, please let me know. This would be an important contact.

    Charlotte Cooper
    Vice-regent, Sashabaw Plains Chapter DAR

  15. Bryon C Decker says:

    I’m curious on how far you’ve taken the genealogy. My mother Gwendolyn Davies was born Oct. 29, 1926 in Hartford, CT. I’m sad to say I know very little of my mothers side of my family.


  16. Pat says:

    Yes, this is my family! I will email you about this when I get back home tomorrow. Thanks!

  17. Linda Stickney says:

    I have come across a copy? of William Denman buying land in upstate New York. It was for 200 acres and was witnessed by Ann Denman…
    Could this be part of your family? It is dated 1795… If it belongs to you, please let me know

  18. Carol Schneider says:

    Hello. Anna Boorman is my 4th great grandmother. Your blog was very interesting and filled in some holes I have in her history. I would love to hear what else you have discovered since that posting. If you could email me, I’d really appreciate learning more about William and Anna.

    Did you ever contact Chtistina Brittain. I’d also like to get in touch with her if you can contact her for me and send her my email address.

    I’m related to William and Anna through their daughter Anna Denman who married Stephen Townsend and on down the line through my mother’s father’s side of the family. Any information you can give me would be so appreciated.
    Thank you!

  19. Chtistina Brittain says:

    Hi Folks (is it Pat I should be addressing?) – this is for the descendants of William Denman of Ditchling, Sussex, England, and Ann Boorman of Headcorn, Kent, England. I live near Ditchling, England, and my maiden name was Denman. I am related to your family in America. I have information from, and about, the former General Baptist chapel and our Denmans in England, if you want to get in touch with me.

  20. Levi says:

    HI, this story is patching up to the Levi/Levine family history that I have in my hand right now. The history starts with the date 1868 where Poland births were part of Russia. my husband’s great grandparents were the Levi family from Poland/Russia. We have photos that look as if your photos are related to ours!

  21. Beryl Robinson says:

    Hi Pat, just read your article about the Denman family. In our family papers we have a letter written to the Boorman brothers back in Staplehurst Kent UK from John Boorman and he mentions Esther so your article confirms his wife’s name. He mentions John Denman. I have a transcript of the letter which I could send to you if you are interested. It gives social history of the time. Best wishes Beryl

  22. Katy says:

    I was searching the net for my family tree, and and came across a post written by Judy titled “To many Steins.” My grandmother is Lois Beverly Stein, and her parents were Nathan and Yetta Stein. Joeseph Stein and Sofia Moonblatts son. My great aunt Suzette Stein (Postil) is married to Nathan’s son, Stanley Stein. She has a family tree on

  23. Phyllis Mossing says:

    I am searching for years for the parents of Lucinda Blackman born ca 1796 in Ny, around Chautuage or Genesee Counties. SHe married Van Renselear Crosby 1814 in Ny, COming to Ohio Huron, Lucas, Fulton Counties about 1832-1833
    I think her parents are either Hiram or William Blackman

  24. Charlotte Cooper says:

    I am with DAR, and have helped secure a DAR grant for revitalization of Oak Hill Cemetery. If your husband is a descendant of Elias Cady, we would love for you both to attend the Sept 29 event. Can we talk about it?

    Charlotte Cooper
    Sashabaw Plains Chapter NSDAR

  25. M Shier says:


    I am curious if you have traced the Scheier line into Russia and how far back can you go. Is it possible they came from the Alsace / Lorraine border, maybe even a part of the troops of Napoleon? Then upon reaching Russia staid behind. Just looking into a possibility. Email if you need more information to look up the link.


  26. William Fred Perkins Jr says:

    Hello Pat. Your trip to Becket Center Cem. and the picture of the Origen Augustus Perkins tombstone brought back memories of a plesant trip looking up ancestors in old cems in western Ma, Eastern CT and up to Ipswich MA.. A very good pic of the tombstone..
    O. A. was my 3rd greatgrandfather. Did you check into the VR of Becket to 1850? The records of Birth, Marriages and Deaths are very comprehensive.
    I have Snows Wadworths and Kingsleys in addition to Messengers from Becket in my ancestery.. When my two youngest children were 4 and 7, we took a trip to Mass and the young people picked wild strawberries while I was reading tombstones. The Perkins homestead was called Bonny Rig and located on the southeast intersection of what is now route 8 (N/S) and 20 (/W)..400 A werer purchased in the early 1740’s as an investment by O.A.’s grandfather and given to O.A.s father in 170 as a wedding gift.
    My greatgrandfather, Fred Perkins, Born there 16 Sep 1845 and went to Kansas on homstead land search in 1868/69. Returned to Becket in August 1869, married in Sept and two weeks later they were on the train west. Settled in Oswego, Labette Co. KS .
    I enjoy your blogs!! Bill.

  27. Pam Cassiday says:

    I just stumbled across your blog posts about Edward Salt in Clermont County, Ohio. I am interested in him, or more specifically his sons John and Edward Jr. My ggg grandfather was Patrick Cassidy, and this is almost all I know about him : he was born somewhere in Ireland about 1821, married Martha Debrular in Clermont County in October 1853, had one son in February 1854, and he died in September 1857. Here’s where my interest in the Salts comes – the son (my gg grandfather) was named John Salt Cassidy. Even more interesting, I got a copy of Patrick’s probate records, and Francis Marion Salt and Edward Wilshire Salt (sons of John Salt) were at Patrick’s side when he was dying and they testified that Patrick wanted his estate to go to his wife Martha. Apparently, Patrick’s death was unexpected (he was only 36) and he didn’t have a will. Other documents in the probate record list Lorenzo Dow Salt (another son of John) and George Washington Salt (a son of Edward Jr.) as administrators.

    That’s as far as I’ve gotten with this mystery. I feel like there must be a connection in my family to the Salt family (Edward Sr.’s wife Mary, the “mystery Irish woman”, perhaps?). I’ve actually never seen my gg grandfather’s name fully written out as John Salt Cassidy (later Cassiday), only John S., but I’ve been assured by my Uncle Bill, who was 9 when John S. Cassiday died, that Salt was his middle name. I didn’t think much about it until I received Patrick’s probate records and saw all the Salts!

    I went to Clermont county a few years ago and tried to find more information on the Salts. I have a photocopy of some bible records compiled by the D.A.R. listing several generations of the Salt family (4 typed pages). I also have a copy of pages 232-233 from the book “Clermont County, Ohio 1980, Volume I – A collection of Genealogical and Historical Writings” which was put out by the Clermont County Genealogical Society in 1984. These pages have short bios of Edward Salt Sr. and John and Edward Salt Jr. The bios were submitted by Virginia Cossens of Felicity, Ohio. If you are interested in either of those references I’d be happy to email them as pdf files. And, of course, if you can shed any light on my Patrick Cassidy/Salt family connection, I’d love to hear from you!
    Pam Cassiday
    Decatur, GA

  28. Anna Holmes says:

    My Husband and I lived in Becket, there was a house that was for sale with option to by, we rented it. The house was beautiful and was once Owend by a family named Snow. We did not stay in it very long because it was haunted by a child. This last name of the child was a snow. We did not know the original owners when we moved in there. When I started to here this little girl we found a booklet with the names of all the Snows dating back to 1776. The house was changed into a Library and then a house when we had it. Till this day I need to know if anyone who bought that if they experience what I did. It was called the old becket library in becket. Don’t remember the street. But it was near a railroad track and pond. Do you know the history of this house. Originally my husband is from Stockbridge Mass. Now we live in Pa. Thank you.

  29. MIssy says:

    I wondered if you might have the record of who Recompense Wadsworth 1688-1728 was married to ? Was it Sarah Morey? I am a trying to establish a relationship between my Wadsworths down to Eliza Roxey Snow, of Morman fame. I have Recompense’s son being Jonathan, 1721-1798 who married a Rebecca Davenport who both seem to be my 5th g grandparents, then their daughter being Rebecca who married Oliver Snow. Does this agree with your Wadsworth/Snow records? Any help very much appreciated. Missy

  30. Debra says:

    Hi Pat,
    I was delighted to find your web site. My Great-great grandmother was Laura Denman. She was one of John (the one who brought in the apples and built the house near Wakeman) Denman’s daughters. She was born on March 22, 1828. She married Joseph W. Booth Nov. 27, 1854 in Florence, Ohio. She died in Pueblo, CO Feb. 1920. We know she was one of 14 children, but do not know all of her sibling’s names. She wrote some about her life, so we do know a bit. We know that she went to Oberlin College shortly after it began admitting women.

  31. Missy says:

    Ijust went back to figure out the Snow connection. Elizabeth Hatch married Daniel Deacon Childs, my direct ancestor. Elisabeth was the daughter of Stephen Hatch and Elizabeth Snow I believe. Does that sound right to you? Missy

  32. Pat says:


    Great to hear from a Snow “cousin” – I will email you.


  33. John Davis says:

    Just came across your description of your visit to Becket and noticed that you were related to the Snow family of Becket. Wondered if you had visited the Athenaeum and viewed the manuscript written by Cerelia Snow which includes genealogical details of many of the Snow families that lived in Becket?
    I descend from Nathan Snow (1759-1835), a nephew of Sylvanus Snow. I’m always interested in corresponding with other Snow researchers in Becket.