February Genealogy To-Do

Perhaps the most important thing I need to do this month is not directly a genealogy project, but certainly is related to my ability to do online genealogy research.  My body has a love/hate relationship with the computer, currently hitting me with a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder that requires some adjusting to how (and how long) I use the computer.

The second item on my list is to go spend a weekend with my niece in Maine.  There are still Boothbys in Maine, and as I have posted in the past, one of them was a Mayor of Portland and has a small square with his name on it.  More importantly I haven’t had much chance to really catch up with this niece lately and I want to know what’s going on in her life.

With the optimism that I am solving my body-computer issue, I will also continue to work on my family computer files which represent the digital equivalent of my piles of paper collected in my search for family information.  I can see progress happening on this project but I would surely like to be done with it, so I can accurately see what evidence I have already and what further evidence I need to be searching for (without collecting evidence again that I already possess but couldn’t see).  Yes, I know already that I have collected various birth, marriage, and/or death records more than once and I’d like to stop doing that!

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