February Genealogy To-Do List

January was pretty much a bust for me in terms of getting tasks from my to-do list done. We started out the new year by clearing out three rooms so we could have carpeting installed. Two of the three were rooms we use as home offices and mine is my genealogy archives. So there were many, many (did I say that there were many?!) books and boxes and files to move out – not to mention my computer and the home wireless system. And that was just my office. The good news is that all went very smoothly and we started the new year with new carpeting (which I had been wanting to do for a long time).

Two days later we had a new refrigerator delivered and so all the attendant moving of food out, cleaning where the old one had been, and then hurriedly replacing all the food before the frozen food defrosted and the milk went bad.

I am not complaining – I’m only rationalizing my lack of progress on the family history front. I am very pleased with my new, warmer office floor. The bedroom looks much better with the new carpet and so does my husband’s office. The bonus is that we have extra room in the new fridge, which is a little larger than the old. So life is good!

In my genealogy world, the past month has been full of correspondence with several Boorman relatives as we all work on a mystery. There are many Boorman families in the counties of Kent and Sussex in England in the 1700s and we are trying to figure out a John Boorman who migrated to America, specifically to New York state north of New York City along the Hudson River, in the late 1790s along with a number of others. There are at least 2 books of compiled letters from these settlers and a specific letter has raised questions about which John this was and who his wife and children were. I will likely post about all this in the future, I hope when we have sorted it out to our combined satisfaction. In the meantime this is preoccupying me.

My final excuse for lack of accomplishment is that we are on a longer-than-usual vacation stretching across January into February. I am leaving this scheduled to post on Jan 31st but I won’t be here!

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