February Genealogy To-Do List

After the excitement of the iGenes, I turn to more mundane issues.  And here, ta-da, is my genealogy to-do list for February.  As I explore using this method of holding myself accountable, I would like to particularly thank Tonia for the Writing and the Education headings.  For now my goal is to keep up the every other week blog post that Judy and I alternate.  I am often surprised at how much time and how much thought it can take to get one done.  And I like the idea of pushing myself to do educational activities each month, even if it is only watching a video to start with.  Maybe I can build up to doing a course.  Education is the area I fall down in most, although the others are all a close 2nd place.


  • process 4 headstone photos from first Ashford cemetery trip (enter data into RootsMagic; make sure saved as tif file; save in archive directory; there may not be more than a few that are really useable) [I got started in January and got discouraged by the number of images that could not be read. I also still need a consistent way to name files.]
  • find way to contact Steve P. and/or his mother about pictures of the old Salt house before all the work was done [This was on the January list and I still haven’t found a way to contact them. Perhaps the realtor would give me that information?]
  • find a new address for the Denmans I want to contact about the original deed to William Denman in 1795 in New York. The letter I sent off in January came back with a mysterious postal code that there was no mail receptacle and that it couldn’t be forwarded. Wonder what no mail receptacle means exactly? Was their mailbox buried in the snow (always possible this winter)? Hm.


  • write at least 2 blog posts (I’m on the schedule to post for the 14th and 28th I think) [Plus my Genealogy To-Do List which doesn’t count as a regular post I have decided. Judy will be glad to hear this.]


  • spend half an hour a week, on Monday or Wednesday, dealing with the things already in sheet protectors on my desk (enter any data in RootsMagic; if photo make sure scanned; file in appropriate binder)
  • copy birth sources for Dan’s side in Clooz to RootsMagic (sourcing each certificate and attaching to individual who is primary)
  • process info in one file in Research Notes 2010 directory (enter into RootsMagic; move file to appropriate directory)


  • watch one online video about genealogy (TBD which one)
  • read DearMYRTLE’s February Organization Checklist which I’m hoping will help me with my image file naming and filing issues. I’m not sure whether this is Organization or Education, but since it is something I need to learn I’m putting it here.
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