July Genealogy To-Do List

* Request information about possible records from St. Xavier in Cincinnati about the O’Shaughnessys. I had a nice comment from a person who volunteers elsewhere, suggesting a call to ask about the possibility of research volunteers. Have to do that!
* Continue to work on updating the Denman database with information already collected and/or noted by cousin Claudia in her review. I’ve been plugging away at this, and it is a slow job with lots of files and information to integrate. Not that I’m complaining.

* Continuing the work listed above on the Denmans is also organizing files on my hard drive (and helping me establish a standard file naming process).
* Start clearing out the files in the small open box on the floor. [I didn’t really get to this one in June – I don’t know where the month went!]
* Back up the blog! Plug-ins found so far to automate this task don’t meet my needs However I just saw a review of another one, that looked worth investigating. There is always hope – in the meantime I must remember to do it by hand.

* In June I watched a live-streamed presentation from the Southern California Genealogical Jamboree about the War of 1812.
* In July Judy and I are registered for the intermediate course at GRIP, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Looking forward to it – with some trepidation but a lot of excitement.

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