June Genealogy To-Do List

* continue to look for sources for births/marriages/deaths of direct line ancestors as part of sourcing goal.
* work on finding my Boothby cousins and trying to get more information on Grandma Carrie and her life. I want to try to get the unknown people in her photo album identified.
* work on connection between James Boothby in Ohio and who his parents were.
* plan trip to Neversink with my sister; get dates on calendar.

* file all the information recently received from Denman family members.
* scan the pages from my father’s photograph album found recently.

* watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. Geoff Rasmussen’s webinar on adding a marriage record is available unitl June 6. [I did two in-person workshops in May, the full-day NEHGS one by the Genealogy Guys (and Judy) and one short one on Revolutionary pictures with Maureen Taylor at the Boston Book and Paper Expo; I also did a webinar with DearMyrtle about using Facebook.]
* learn to use the Organizer part of Photoshop Elements (which I just bought and installled).

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