June Genealogy To-Do

* I sent for 5 remaining birth/death records still in the Scheier 2011 folder, from LDS, in May. I am waiting patiently (well, trying to be patient) for their arrival. One death record is potentially my Joseph Scheier, husband of Zissel and the father of the siblings I have written about.
* Plan research trip to southwestern Ohio with my sister. I think I will focus on cemeteries and maybe a couple of the towns my family lived in with the aim of providing some current pictures and local history for context.
* Continue to search through the 1940 census for family. I have found a number of families, but continue to look for my parents (who were college students but might have been on co-op when the census was taken.)

* In May I actually made it through the rest of the folders in my Research 2011 folder on my husband’s side and sourced information in my database and moved files to where they will reside more permanently. I also scanned all of the photos that were piled on my desk. Celebrate!! Now they only need to be put in protective sheets and it will be done.
* What I didn’t get done was the rest of the inbox, or the Snow and Minor information from the Connecticut State Library. So those are still on the list. If I keep putting them on, sooner or later I will get to them.
* Back up the blog. Putting this on my monthly to-do list reminds me, when I look at the post to see that it got published and this helps me remember to actually do the back up. Otherwise my memory doesn’t always work.

* Learn more about finding living relatives and how to persuasively contact them.
* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. [In May I listened to an interview Lisa Louis Cooke did with Bruce Buzbee, head of RootsMagic and senior Magician and was inspired to upgrade my software. I also watched one of the free RootsMagic webinars specific to the latest version, about using the new research log feature. Ok, not strictly about genealogy but very useful and it will stand me in good stead as I research.] Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with RootsMagic except that I use the program and I really like it.

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