March Genealogy To-Do

Well February is about to be over and I managed to accomplish at least one of my goals.  We spent a lovely weekend with my niece at the beginning of the month and had plenty of time to catch up with her life and what she is doing.  Plus I got a walk in one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, hoping to see family names.  We got no hits, but it was a nice activity.

I didn’t make much progress on the digital file cleaning.  My excuse is that I’m still trying to limit my computer time at home to allow me to continue working and to also allow some healing time for my shoulder.  It is slowly continuing to get better but I need to stay aware of my posture and how much computer time I put in.  It is too easy for me to lose myself in pursuing just one more piece of information or look up one more question.

One other small project I have gotten a good start on is looking at what is remaining in my Laura Denman Booth memoir and try to make a plan of how to divide it up into reasonable stories or time frames.  It was actually in working on this that I went down a rabbit hole on Sunday looking for information to help decide which relative she might have been referring to when she didn’t give a name or a specific place.  I think I’ve figured it out, and that will be the next post I write.  However since I haven’t finished dividing the text up into post length amounts, that will be a goal for March.

I would also love to get ahead of my self-imposed schedule for posting this month by writing ahead.  That has always sounded like a very good idea, but I have never really managed to do it.  Has to do with my strong tendency to immediately go looking online for a piece of information or a record or a picture or a map to go with what I’m writing about.  This makes my writing process take much longer than it might otherwise.

Finally, not to let myself off the hook: any computer time I can devote I will do at least one 25-minute chunk of time renaming digital files and will strive mightily not to allow myself to just go check at to see if there is now a digital image of the record instead of just the index that is what I now have.

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