April-May Genealogy To-Do

Since I haven’t used this mode to organize myself recently, I will do that now:

The big thing that I know will happen in April is a reunion of old college friends in another week.  We managed to find a couple of days that we all could do, and a location we could all agree on, so we’re off the Nashville!  There are 7 of us at this point, one of whom is a relative newcomer to our group (but not to his wife’s life).  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up !  Fellow GenealogyGal Judy will be there too.

I find lately that I am bouncing from one family line to another pulled or pushed by contact with someone who asks a quesstion or tells me something.  I’m not really complaing, since I do find new evidence (and people) however I am aware that this is not research.  I’m not sure whether I’ll simply continue to enjoy it, or will try to take myself in hand and develop a research plan.  Stay tuned.

I will certainly continue to do the file naming clean-up that I’ve been chippping away at.  I’d like to have this done and evidence attached to individuals in the database by the end of the year.  I am not sure how reasonable a deadline this is, but I will give it a try.

I recently got re-involved in one of my husband’s cousins’ family lines via a DNA test (Hunt and McNamara).  I am feeling my way along in terms of how active and helpful the cousin wants me to be.  This is an interesting cousin to have DNA from because he and my husband are first cousins but he is only half Jewish (other half Irish).

I anticipate that one of my focuses will be the Salt and southwestern Ohio family line.  The man who bought the old Salt family house is very interested in local history and by extension the family, and he is giving a presentation at the Clermont County Historical Society the end of May.  I will be following along with him, and trying to provide answers to some of the questions he raises as he plans his talk.  I am so happy to have someone own the property who is taking this amount of interest in its history.

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