March Genealogy To-Do List

Ok, I have another, really good excuse. I have had two eye surgeries in February (cataracts) that left me struggling to re-focus my eyes and be able to see the computer screen again. In the process I discovered (or re-discovered) how much reading I do every day – from labels and newspapers to books and the computer screen.

* Go through and enter every piece of information stored over the year in Research 2011 folder for husband’s side. Source in RootsMagic database. [Progress is happening on this goal, but it still isn’t finished. I am *determined* to finish it. And I vow not to go looking for new information about any of these people as I source and file what I already have. That will be the hardest part of the task.]

* Back up the blog. I always put this on my calendar, and try very hard to remember to back up on the first of the month. While I have most of my computer files backing up to the cloud in one or more places, the blog isn’t part of that automatic system. I wonder if there is a way to automate backing it up? [This is still a good question and I will look into it.]
* Go through remaining piles from the middle inbox on my desk, and see what is lurking there to be put away, entered into the database, etc. [I did make some more progress on this one. The archival boxes arrived and I have stored the photo albums and the over-sized photographs, and created a list of the photos.]

* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. [I watched another Marian Pierre-Louis webinar over the President’s Day weekend: breaking down brick walls 101 (not the actual title). As usual I learned some new things, and was reminded of other, not-always-remembered techniques. This woman is a wonderful speaker and seems to really know her stuff!]

I am ending the month of February with much better vision already. This leads me to hope that I can be more productive in March and the Spring on these genealogy goals. Stay tuned!

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