March Genealogy To-Do List


* process 4 headstone photos from my first Ashford cemetery trip (enter data into RootsMagic; make sure saved as tif file; save in archive directory) [Note: I’m having trouble addressing this one and I’m not sure why. I need to change it to something I can and will do, rather than just repeating it from month to month.]

* find way to contact Steve P. and/or his mother about pictures of the old Salt house before all the work was done [This is another one that I need to move on, or take off the list.]

* In February I found another address for the Denmans and sent another letter out to them, looking for the original deed to William Denman and seeking a copy

* Send for another set of certificates, etc. from FHL


* write at least 2 blog posts (plus To-Do list)


* spend half an hour a week, either Monday or Wednesday, dealing with the things already in sheet protectors on my desk (enter any data in RootsMagic; if photo make sure scanned; file in appropriate binder) [So far, even with putting it on my calendar, I’m not getting this done either. Not necessarily a fun job, but it really needs to be done – so I know what I already have and so my desk is clearer for the next round of research.]

* copy marriage sources for Dan’s side in Clooz to RootsMagic (sourcing each certificate and attaching to individual who is primary) [I got the births done, and am starting to understand how to use the sources in RootsMagic. Yay!]

* process info in one file in Research Notes 2010 directory (enter into RootsMagic; move file to appropriate directory) [I got another one done in February and will continue to plug away at this goal.]


* watch one online video about genealogy (I watched the RootsMagic webinar on sources and citations in February and found it helpful. I have another RootsMagic one to watch, and am planning to attend Thomas MacEntee’s on backing up your data on March 23.) [Looks like I am better at pursuing education than organizing! I have also discovered that I like having things I can go back to and re-watch or re-listen to. I just went back to the sources one to verify how something works. Handy!]

* read first chapter in Evidence Explained

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