May Genealogy To-Do List

* Send for any birth/marriage/death records still in the Scheier 2011 folder, from LDS.
* Write notes to two possible living Scheier relatives.
* Update family summary for Scheier family, to see what I now know and what I still need to learn about.

* This is the same item I’ve been *very* slowly chipping away at. Go through and enter every piece of information stored over the year in Research 2011 folder for husband’s side. Source in RootsMagic database. [In April I made it through about half of another folder. There is the rest of that folder and one more to go. I’m much better at gathering information than I am about organizing it and putting it away in its permanent home.]
* Go through the remaining piles from the middle inbox on my desk, and see what is lurking there to be put away, entered into the database, etc. Ditto the two boxes of treasures saved from the Great Attic Cleanout (my own attic). [Little additional progress has been made in April. I seem to be better at adding to the piles than at reducing them. Sigh.]
* Go through the Snow estate papers and compiled Minor genealogy found on the recent Connecticut State Library trip and integrate into datebase.
* Back up the blog. Putting this on my monthly to-do list reminds me, when I look at the post to see that it got published and this helps me remember to actually do the back up. Otherwise my memory doesn’t always work.

* Learn more about finding living relatives and how to persuasively contact them.
* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. [In April I watched Megan Smolenyak present about finding living relatives and learned some new possibilities. I also participated in a two-week course via JewishGen that introduced their website and gave us some experience with some of the resources available there.]

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