May Genealogy To-Do List

* continue to look for sources for births/marriages/deaths of direct line ancestors as part of sourcing goal.
* continue to try to track the current owners of the old Salt house to get some information. This has been on a back burner and I want to bring it to the front this month. [Didn’t work in April – I’ll try again in May, but it looks like a busy month! I was just emailed a newspaper “article” about the house, which is for sale and it seems the broker is one of the owner’s children. Now I must call her!]
* work on finding my Boothby cousins and trying to get more information on Grandma Carrie and her life. I want to try to get the unknown people in her photo album identified.

* copy marriage sources for Dan’s side in Clooz to RootsMagic (sourcing each certificate and attaching to individual who is primary) [I got sidetracked and never got to this one in April, so it’s on the list for May – I’ll try to make it high priority.]
* create the database of images scanned and labelled with metadata. [Done! Well, the database is created. I haven’t included all the photos I have scanned in the past yet. I also held my own Scanfest and scanned my grandmother’s photo album page by page and the scrapbook she made about my father, also page by page. My intent is to create a multipage file for each, so I can send them to all my sibs.]

* watch one online video about genealogy [I participated in DearMyrtle’s webinar on labeling images and learned a lot. Also, since I’ve started using Dropbox, I watched the webinar Thomas MacEntee did for Legacy Family Tree webinars.]
* attend the NEHGS conference May 1 (the Genealogy Guys are presenting a full day’s worth of classes!) with genealogygal Judy.) Update: just home from this one-day conference which was great fun. The Guys are great speakers and very personable. We liked them and the workshop.

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