My Brickwall Ancestor: Edward Salt (? – 1813)

In the hopes that somebody who reads this might have new information to provide, I am listing my brickwall ancestor Edward Salt and what I know, or want to know, about him. Just putting this information together in one place has been helpful.

Known Information:

* in 1781 he was granted land in Berkeley county, Virginia by Thomas, Lord Fairfax, and was named as being “of Berkeley County”.

Grant to Edward Salts, Berkeley County, Virginia, 1781

* in 1790 he and his family were in western Pennsylvania (Georges Township, Fayette, Pennsylvania), by the federal census [If my list of children is accurate, and his wife was still alive, one female is missing from the enumeration]. With him were two other males and a total of 3 females.

Pennsylvania 1790 census

* he was given a certificate acknowledging his having provided goods/services in the American Revolution in Virginia. [I know I have copies of this, I wonder where I put them?]

* Innocent Salt listed her father Edward when she married William Frazier in Bourbon county, Kentucky in 1794. [Was she a minor at that point, and so needed permission to marry?]

* he was listed (as Edward Salts) on a tax list for Bracken county, Kentucky, dated 22 Nov 1799. [Does this mean he owned land in Bracken county on that date?]

* in 1813 his estate was administered in Clermont county, Ohio. [He died intestate and I have the papers that were filed.]

* John and Edward Salt were listed on the estate papers of Edward Salt.

What I Want To Know:

* who were Edward Salt’s parents and siblings?

* when and where was he born?

* who did he marry, and when and where?

* when (and from where) did he migrate to the Colonies (and was he first in Virginia or someplace else)?

* was he related to the Thomas Salts who was in the same part of Virginia about the same time? [Edward’s name has been listed in various places as Edward Salts as has one of his sons, John. One of our cousins called the family Salts. Another cousin’s line took to spelling the name Sault. It seems that most of the family lines have settled on Salt since at least the time of my great grandfather.]

* who were his children and when were they born? [I have a list of 5 children – 2 sons and 3 daughters – with approximated birthdates, and each of them at some point listed Virginia as place of birth on a census. These names were in a manuscript compiled by relatives, probably in the early 1900s. I am not sure where these names came from.]

Family Myths:

* he was born in Birmingham, Yorkshire, England [which cannot be] or in Berkshire, England

* he married an Irish woman and that led to his needing to migrate to the Colonies (he was disowned)

* he served in the American Revolution and was awarded land in the Virginia Military District in Ohio as a result [he did, apparently, provide goods/services, and son John bought the rights to land from a soldier]

* he migrated from Suffolk County, Virginia to Crab Orchard, Kentucky in 1790

* he built the first cabin in Franklin Township [Clermont County, Ohio] about 1796

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2 comments on “My Brickwall Ancestor: Edward Salt (? – 1813)
  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the hints, Pat! I’ve really been at a loss about where to start in England. My Edward (so far) left no hints about his parents or any sibs, let alone any information about when he arrived in Virginia, etc. A true brickwall! I hope yours left a little information, but then he wouldn’t be a deadend, would he?

  2. Pat Lyda says:


    I also have an Edward Salt in my family that am at a deadend with. However, I’m sure it is two different Edward Salts as my family stayed in England. However, I did want to impart the knowledge that the majority of the Salt family originated in Staffordshire. Actually, there are a lot of Salt surnames in Burton-Upon-Trent where my family is from. You might just want to see if your family shows up there.

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