November Genealogy To-Do List

* Continue to look for birth, death, marriage records for Margaret, John, Tilford, William S., John Charles Earhart. I have marriage and death for Mary E. (Hockman), but no birth found yet under either name. I am waiting for a death cert for William S. to arrive, and have started a table of dates and sources for all of these people.
* Get the pension file for Tilford Earhart, filed by his mother Margaret. Unfortunately this file is not yet available on, except for the index card, so I may have to send to NARA for it.
* Waiting for last batch of copies of original records found on that I requested, the very end of October.

* Added a To-Analyze tag to Evernote, and a folder in my genealogy documents sub-directory to hold records found but not entered into my database yet. Continue in bad habit of pulling off the internet but not immediately putting into database.
* Pick a group of census records and really learn how to enter them in Clooz – a program which I really like my early experience with but which I need to learn to be more proficient using.
* Type notes from Maine trip and file information. Figure out next steps.

* Watched several of the Clooz videos and think I understand how to enter source and then document for census records. Excited to see that Clooz can now transfer sources back to one database and hope that it will soon be able to transfer to RootsMagic.

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