November Genealogy To-Do List

* Continue to look for live relatives in the Scheier line. [No success in October. However, I did have a cause for a genealogy happy dance: I got registrations/certificates of marriage for two Scheier men, confirming that they were both sons of Zissel and in one case providing her maiden name and his birthplace with more than “Russia”. Her maiden name is not easy to decipher but I think I have it. ]
* Figure out what events in direct line are next to find sources for. Order more original records from LDS for direct lines. [See above for my increased motivation to do this.]

* I always forget to put this one on, but it is the most important! Back up the blog. I always put this on my calendar, and try very hard to back up on the first of the month. I’d put on backing up my genealogy database too, but I have that set up to back up in the cloud in two places. All the pictures have been another issue, until I broke down and bought a new computer with a *much* bigger hard drive. Now, a huge number of hours later the pictures are also backed up in the cloud – although only one place. Hm. Still needs tweaking.
* Label and add metadata to all the images I have scanned this Fall.
* Go through the three inboxes on my desk and see what is lurking there to be put away, entered into the database, etc.

* Watch one online video or webinar about genealogy. November will be a challenging month to get this one accomplished since I am away for the first part of the month, and hosting a big family Thanksgiving at the end. I think I will probably watch/listen to one of the RootsMagic webinars that is available anytime, to give myself the most flexibility. [I listened to the Gena Philbert-Ortega webinar about finding your female relatives, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society at the beginning of October. It was wonderful, and I learned a lot.]

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One comment on “November Genealogy To-Do List
  1. Amy says:

    Stumbled across your site through a response you had posted on the Turning of Generations. I love your mission statement! To me that is the real reward in genealogy.
    Have started to read some of your posts and I’m hooked – you seem to have a great approach with your blog. Looking forward to reading more and following your future – wishing you much luck in your hunts.

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