August Genealogy To-Do

Well, the family reunion in July came and went, and was a great time.  There is new information and there are new pictures to integrate into the family tree.  The bonus is that I re-connected with a cousin who is very interested in the family genealogy, and we have a day planned to get together to share files, pictures, information, etc.  What fun!

The newest family tree is coming along nicely, and I have found some good additional information, but it didn’t get quite finalized.  How surprised am I?!  Not!  However, in August that will have to happen, and I need to push on the parents to get pictures to go with the people.  I’m already developing a list for each side, and think I’ll try to make them into checkbox lists for ease of following what I have and get from them.  There is a shower coming up for the couple, and that may allow me to move this project forward.

One of my goals, to start on in August, is to continue indexing for familysearch.  I joined the 3-day marathon in July and enjoyed getting reacquainted with the process even though I didn’t get much done.  I still find using my 25-minute timer and goals a useful strategy and I’m going to try to commit myself to doing one 25-minute period on 3 days a week.  This won’t happen the 2 weeks we are on vacation, but I can work to do it the rest of the month.

Since I have a genealogy play-day planned with our local cousin for a couple of weeks from now, I will also be spending time pulling together the information and documents I want to take to share.  That whould give me plenty to work on for August!

I’ll see you in September!

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William Boorman, Wheelwright of Staplehurst

This is an exact (insofar as I can make it and with many thanks to cousin Claudia for her help) transcription of the last will and testament of William Boorman.  It was written the 6th of February 1819 and the handwritten version was not always easy to read.  In addition, given the time it was written. some of the spelling and writing includes such anachronisms as “fs” where there is a double-s in a word, or “ff” for a capital F.  Punctuation was also done differently than we would today.  With these caveats, here is the will as it was recorded:

Left margin: William Boorman. 9.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me

William Boorman of Staplehurst in the county of Kent Wheelwright made

this sixth day of ffebruary in the year of our Lord 1819 ffirst I constitute and

appoint my wife Ann Boorman John Love of Wick ffarm in the parish of

Headcorn in the said County ffarmer and Jefore Chainey of Staplehurst aforesaid

ffarmer joint Executors of this my Will and I direct my said Executors in the first

place out of my personal Estate and Effects to pay all my just Debts which I

shall owe at the time of my decease and also my ffuneral Testamentary and

other expenses incident to the execution of this my will and I give to my said

Wife the Sum of ffive pounds to be paid to her by my said Executors in three

Calendar months next after my decease and I give and bequeath to my said

Wife the use and enjoyment of all my household Goods and ffurniture plate

Linen and China during her life also I give to my said Wife the Interest &

Dividends and annual produce of all the Residue of my Monies and Securities

for Money Goods Chattels Estates and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever for

her own use and benefit during the term of her natural life and from and

immediately after the decease of my said Wife I give and bequeath to my

Sons William Boorman David Boorman and Thomas Boorman the Sum

of ffive pounds each and no more they having already had a considerable

share of my property also I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Denman

Wife of William Denman now in North America the Sum of Thirty pounds

to be paid by my said Executors in twelve Calendar months next after the

decease of my said Wife and it is my particular wish and desire that my Son

Edward Boorman who now has the half part of my businefs of a Wheelwright

should take the whole of the same at the decease of my said Wife or sooner

if she shall be disposed to relinquish the same I do hereby direct my said

Executors to put off my half part of my said businefs to my said Son Edward

but upon such terms as my said Executors would put off the same to any &

indifferent person also I give to each of my Executors the Sum of ffive pounds

for their trouble in the execution of this my Will over and above all reasonable

charges and expenses which they shall incur in the execution thereof and

as to the remainder of my Goods Chattels monies and securities for money debts due

to me and personal Estate and Effects I direct my said Executors after the decease

of my said Wife to divide the same into six equal parts or shares and pay

and divide five equal sixth parts or shares thereof unto and amongst my

five Children next hereinafter named in manner following that is to say

one equal sixth part of such residue unto my Daughter the said Anne

Denman one other sixth part thereof to my Daughter Susanna Tamkin

the Widow of William Tamkin one other sixth part thereof to my Daughter

Jane Terry the Wife of William Terry and ^one other sixth part thereof to my Son

Edward Boorman and one other sixth part thereof to my Daughter Elizabeth

Boorman and to pay and divide the remaining sixth part thereof equally

between Sarah Boorman and John Boorman the two Children of my late

Brother ^Son John Boorman deceased to be paid to them as they ^shall respectively arrive

at the age of twenty one years and I do hereby direct that my said Executors

shall not be answerable or accountable for any lofs which may happen of

my said Estate and Effects or any part thereof by bad or insufficient Security

or otherwise provided such lofs be not occasioned by their or either of their

wilful neglect or mismanagement In Witnefs whereof I the said William

Boorman the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in

two sheets of paper set my hand and seal that is to say my hand to the first

sheet and my hand and seal to this last sheet thereof the day and year first

above written. Wm Boorman [initials LS surround by a circle] Signed Sealed published and Declared by

the said William Boorman the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament

in the presence of us who have subscribed our names as witnefses. Jas Ottaway

Staplehurst # Jas Muddle Clerk to Mr. Ottaway://.

Proved at London 10th July 1824 before the Judge by the oaths of

Ann Boorman Widow the Relict John Love and Jefry Chainey the Executors

to whom admon was granted being first sworn (by Comon) duly to administer.//.

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Finding my Revolutionary War Ancestors in the DAR

I happened to read the Eastman Online Genealogy newletter yesterday morning (on the Fourth of July, in the U.S.) as I was drinking my first cup of coffee and one of the articles was about finding your Revolutionary War patriots and reminded me of the DAR online site.  So, since Judy and I are talking about a trip to Wachington DC this fall, I thought I would start a list.

I spent all of the morning and much of the afternoon down this rabbit hole, but it occurred to me that it was at least an appropriate activity for the Fourth of July.  And I did work on getting the laundry done around my searching.  Since both got done by the end of the afternoon, I feel like it was a productive day!

I already have (somewhere) the DAR application from my collateral ancestor, Alberta Minor Flint.  In addition, I have known for quite a long time that my ancestor Oliver Snow, was a Patriot, although I don’t think I have any DAR papers from his line.  These two possibilities are on my mother’s side of the family.  I also thought there were Revolutionary War soldiers on my father’s side of the family tree, so it made sense to get organized and look at every possible man (by date of birth) in my direct ancestor line.  I started looking at every man born 1760 or earlier, in the colonies or having migrated in before the end of the War.

I created a note in a new Evernote notebook for the trip to Washington, and using the checkboxes created a list of names and DAR Ancestor numbers.  I have one more part of the tree on my mother’s side to explore and all of my father’s (I think) is done.

Next I will post about who is on my Patriots list and research what the information will allow me to discover onsite at the DAR Library this Fall.  Since requesting the file online costs between $20-30, I’m excited about possibly being able to look at and copy these files for myself!

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July Genealogy To-Do

July promises to be a busy month on several fronts.  We are doing a family reunion for one brach of my husband’s family in a couple of weeks, which means seeing some cousins not seen in awhile and meeting others for the first time – for both of us.  The family was united at my father-in-law’s generation by mostly living in the Syracuse, NY.  Since then there has been a lot of movement and now (like many families) they live all over the country.  Looking forward to it!

The most important project I have to focus on for July is really and truly finishing the new family tree for the wedding in the fall.  I pick it up and put it down repeatedly but haven’t really focused on it to make it a priority.  That’s what I need to do in July.  If I can figure out what is left for me to find out, and what pictures I need to find from other people, I shuld be able to do that.  Then all I have to do is decide how I want a printed wall chart to look and then to make that happen.  Easy, right?!

Organizing computer files will be my fallback, spare 25 minutes, task.  If I can make progress on that – and really have the new tree ready to print by the end of the month I will feel like I made progress.

Happy Summer!!

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Calling All Coffins, or, How My Coffin Lines Are Related

I recently connected with a possible relative through DNA testing.  Our mitochondrial DNA looks vaguely like there is a connection, so we have been emailing about possible shared ancestors.  While exchanging surnames, the Coffin line looked promising (although not my maternal line, so not the mitochondrial connection) and we went on to exchange spreadsheets of our Coffin lineages.  I have to admit here that I copied her spreadsheet as a template (thank you, cousin Diana!).

I have always known (well, for a long time) that I had ancestors who had married, each of whom came from a line of Coffins.  I also have ancestors who came from the same line in the Justice family, and they married into the Coffin family, just to make it more complicated.  I had never taken the time or effort to try to chart these complex relationships in any way.  When I thought about writing a post about this, I thought I could just show the spreadsheet I filled in and that would be it.  However, since I can’t include/insert the whole spreadsheet which is more than one page wide, I was stuck trying to think of another way to illustrate the relationships succinctly.  Then it occurred to me (this is a “Duh!” moment) that I can capture a screenshot of each set and include them sequentially.  So here they are.

Note: there are dates here that I haven’t fully verified myself.  Most of them come from a compiled genealogy on the Coffin family by Louis Coffin1 Some individuals don’t have dates or full ones, anyway, although I have guessed broadly (e.g., 17xx or 18xx) in some cases.  On the first set I have noted relationships between spouses, and then on the second any additional ones.  I tend to think of my Coffin line as running back to James, since that is the line that carried the Coffin surname the closest to me, however these are presented by age of the child of Tristram and Dionis, oldest to youngest.  Also: the relationship between my great-grandmother Katie Coffin and her husband John Clifford Salt is the result of their sharing a Justice great grandfather, Jesse Justice Sr., not a Coffin ancestor.
Coffin, Peter - line of descent

  Coffin, James - line of descent
Coffin, Mary and Stephen - lines of descent

  1.  Coffin, Louis (Ed.).  The Coffin Family.  Nantucket, MA: Nantucket Historical Association, 1962.
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