For those of you who expected a new post from Judy last Monday, thanks for looking.

There was no post because we lost power in the “freak” October snow storm and regained it last night.  First the blizzard, then the power loss, immediately followed by spectacular pyrotechnics as high tension wires hit the ground and melted the asphalt.  It was a crazy night, 911 and Connecticut Light and Power were so busy we were told that we would only be an emergency if the house actually was on fire.  C L and P did show about an hour later and it took several more hours to cut off the power.  I’ll skip all the lovely following details.  We managed with the wood stove and the generosity of the Jewish Community Center for hot showers.  Last night at about 7 the power was finally restored.

Many in Connecticut remain with out power.  The investigations are beginning.  Who knows why the restoration is taking so long?  Not me.  I only know how much I like central heating, flushable toilets and being able to cook inside.

Pat will have a new post on Monday and I will be back the following Monday, weather permitting.

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