Saturday Night Fun: 3s of Me

In answer to Randy Seaver’s challenge for Saturday Night Fun, here goes:

* Three genealogical libraries I frequent
1. Lynnfield public library genealogy room
2. North Reading public library
3. I’m drawing a blankĀ  (obviously do too much online and not enough in person)

* Three places I’ve visited on genealogy trips
1. Neversink and Kindston NY
2. Ashford CT
3. Rondout Creek NY

* Three genealogy societies I belong to (or want to)
1. Clermont County (Ohio) Genealogy Society
2. New England Historic Genealogical Society
3. Nantucket Historical Association

* Three websites that help my research
2. (especially the pilot site)

* Three ancestral graves that I’ve visited
1. Ann J. Salt, Old Bethel Cemetery, Bethel, Ohio
2. Edwin Snow, Ridgelawn Cemetery, Elyria, Ohio
3. Samuel Snow, Snow Cemetery, Ashford, CT

* Three ancestral places I want to visit
1. Becket, MA (Snow)
2. Meriden, CT (Minor)
3. Neversink, NY (Denman – again)

* Three brickwall ancestors I want to research more
1. Edward Salt (mid 1700s – 1812)
2. Elizabeth Divers (1810 – ?)
3. M. Elizabeth (Hockman) Earhart (1855 – 1934

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