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Yom Kippor

Pat and I are preparing to go to Washington, DC for the International Association of Jewish genealogists (IAJGS) meeting.  We’re leaving on the 13th and we are happily looking forward to great talks, meeting new friends and seeing some family. 

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It Must Have been Something I Ate

The Carnival of Genealogy theme this month is food.  This week’s post is a slight reworking of a post of the same name that I published in May of 2009.     I need a hoagie, from Lee’s, the Cheltenham,

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Shameless Self-Promotion–the iGenes 2011

“The excitement is mounting here outside the hall.  The big stars are arriving.  There’s our host Jasia.  Rumors said she might borrow the meat dress from Lady Gaga, but this appears not to be the case.  She does look hot

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New Year’s Resolutions Redux

New Year Resolutions Redux There are piles of snow lit by lots of sunlight outside my window.  The new squirrel proof bird feeder survived the high winds as did the rest of the feeders and birds are everywhere.  It’s easy

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Every Family Has….

This week’s post is another joint effort by Pat and me.  We both wanted to have an opportunity to congratulate Jasia on the 100th edition of the COG.  My efforts are in standard type; Pat’s additions are in italics. This

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