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Book Review: Renny A. Stackpole’s Sea Letters

Sea Letters.  Letters and Journals of the Captain Andrew Pinkham family of Nantucket and Ohio, 1813-1870.. By Renny A. Stackpole. Published by Maine Authors Publishing. 2013. 161 pages. Mr. Stackpole writes in his introduction, “Sea Letters reflects this writer’s experiences

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It’s Christmas Card Time Again

This is one of those years when I am not going to get Christmas cards written or sent. The fact that I haven’t yet done anything about cards is a clue. There are many who would be surprised to hear

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December Genealogy To-Do List

Research * Look for census records for Telemachus B. Coffin, to add to what I know about where he was at different times. * Start trying to find the Kiernan family that Telemachus’s wife came from. * Continue to look

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Another Coffin Story

Although I meant to write about Uncle Henry Coffin, it is clear that his story needs the “backstory” to provide the beginning. The story of Henry Bernard Coffin and his role and influence in the family starts with his going

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Great-great-grandfather Zebulon Butler Coffin

Zebulon B. Coffin was one of the first ancestors I learned about, going back to when I was about age 8 or 9. His picture was in the old-fashioned hard-covered thick-paged photo album that my mother kept in the linen

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