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Pat and Judy Go to Hartford–Part II

Pat and I are getting ready for another adventure at the Connecticut State Library and Archives in Hartford. My goal in Hartford is to continue to learn about the Davies family of New Haven.  You can read about the Davies

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Davies Mansion Repost

I am short of time this week, so I am reposting  one of my posts that continues to get a lot of looks.  When I first posted this story almost two years ago I intended to follow with the rest

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Pat and Judy Go To Hartford

Judy wrote this and sent me the draft to look at and I couldn’t resist adding my own comments.  She was nice enough to say she liked them, so they’re still here.  I am putting my words in italics so

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The Davies Mansion–the genealogy of a house

This is the beginning of a long story.  It involves the history of a house, several families, a culinary school and a university and it has become the obsession of this genealogist.  This story has it all, a family flush

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