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October Genealogy To-Do

Judy and I had a fun and successful trip to Salt Lake City and I came back enthusiastic about my finds and determined to continue to pursue the ones I haven’t yet found.  Tops on that list is my grandfather’s

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July Genealogy To-Do List

June was a busy month with not a lot of very focused genealogy work taking place.  I read a packet of materials I inherited from my father about Titus Salt and more about Titus’s work and Saltaire.  I put a

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June Genealogy To-Do List

I can’t believe that June is here already!  And our weather recently has been just gorgeous.  I’m making it a point to notice and enjoy the sun and the moderate temperatures.  As you can see, my peony is just about

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March Genealogy To-Do List

I’m running behind (February is a short month!) and struggling with cabin-fever, snow anxiety and cold-nose syndrome.  So this is going to be short.  (To get started, I have to go back up my computer files: it’s the first of

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Bricena Annette Snow (1891-1971)

I’ve written in the past about my paternal grandmother, Carrie Boothby, and about my maternal grandfather, Lyle Denman.  So now I want to write a little about my maternal granmother, Bricena Snow.  This picture shows how she looked as a

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