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Santa Came Early, Or Tell Me a Story

As Judy noted, I am enthusiastically embracing the idea of my generation telling our stories for posterity. I have been very grateful to have my Grandpa Lyle’s stories in his own voice (recorded on cassette tapes), and to have the

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Turkey, Families, and Pictures

I’m taking the easy way out this week, and re-posting my after-Thanksgiving post from last year with just a few changes and additions.   Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I have noticed (as I do every time family comes to my house, but

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Stories Not Written

On a recent trip to Tucson we were taking a desert jeep tour with a local man who was interested in most everything about his area.  At one point, after seeing some petroglyphs, we got to talking about what happened

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Getting them to the family stories

Well, we had the family here for Thanksgiving and a good time was had by all.  And I noticed (as I do every time family comes to my house, but then I forget again) that the painting of my great

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