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Captain Genealogy–Repost

The truth is that I have been too busy with the rest of my life to do any genealogy research or writing, so I am reposting an older piece. I am using this post because, for some unknown reason, I

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No Books

    Since it is two weeks before Christmas and ten days before Hanukkah and I am still working at my paying job I have decided to take the easy way out and post something that does not require research

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What I Know Now

A few weeks ago Randy Seaver asked in Saturday Night Fun, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have…”  As I was searching for an answer the question became tangled up in my mind with the controversy

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What I Learned Watching My Computer

There are a number of free genealogy webinars offered, and in the spirit of my goal of doing more education I have been watching some of them. GeneaWebinars and the Legacy Family Tree Webinars have been particularly useful. I have

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Be Nice

I wasn’t at Rootstech. I did follow Curt Witcher’s inspiring and entertaining talk. I’ve been reading some of the blogs of those who attended. So for anyone who’s still paying attention here are my thoughts. Everyone who attended the conference

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