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Every Family Has….

This week’s post is another joint effort by Pat and me.  We both wanted to have an opportunity to congratulate Jasia on the 100th edition of the COG.  My efforts are in standard type; Pat’s additions are in italics. This

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Another ancient project of a sailboat entered our lives recently and we are facing the big question.  Not, “Did you notice all those holes in the sails?’ or, “Why doesn’t the engine start?” or even, “Why is the water coming

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Religion- Everybody Has One

Okay, not everybody has a religion, but if you’re looking for ancestors who lived before the twentieth century they almost certainly had a religion and if they didn’t you’ve got one interesting ancestor and you ought to be looking into

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New Year Resolutions

1.  Spend less time with my family.  How can I get my research done and tell them where they came from if I spend all my spare time hanging around with them? 2.  Write something for the blog twice a

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Why We Do It

I was hoping to continue on the family secrets theme, but after spending a weekend with my family I decided that I prefer keeping the family secrets to dying a slow and painful death. So instead I thought I would

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