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The Impossible Meeting

How did you meet your spouse/sweetheart? How did your siblings or friends meet theirs? Most people I know met at school: college or high school. Of course there have always been more interesting and unusual ways to meet, and these

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Aunt Freda

Is it just me, or is there something about this year, in particular? It seems there are so many 100-year anniversaries of note this year – already, and it is only April. What was it about 1912 as a time

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Nora’s Name – The First Analysis

Judy and I didn’t make it to Hartford this week, so I’m writing about something else. Since it is Women’s History month, and only a couple of weeks since St. Patrick’s Day, it seems appropriate to write a little about

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It’s Graduation Time

In the past week my social life has been busier than usual (being a quiet home-loving type).  We had two graduation parties and I had a wedding shower, plus a day with Judy and Ann which is in a category

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Three Brothers Came to America…

Actually, it was two brothers and a sister.  And they didn’t come together but at three different times to two different places.  From about 1899 to 1905.  And there was a friend who became a brother-in-law.  They, like many immigrants

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