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Book Review: David Laskin’s The Family

The Family.  Three Journeys into the Heart of the Twentieth Century.  By David Laskin.  Published by Viking Adult.  2013.  400 pages. This is the story of three branches of one Russian Jewish family, the author’s maternal grandfather’s family.  Although we

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What I Have Learned So Far About Social Networking

Facebook I wrote more than a year ago (here) about finally edging my way into the waters of social networking by signing up on Facebook. I have had a number of positive experiences (and a few negative ones!) since then,

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A Genealogist and Her Daughter Walk into a Nursing Home…

One pleasant day in mid-October my daughter and I went to visit my mother in her room at the Jewish Home for the Aged in New Haven.  We had both been there many times before, but only occasionally together.  As

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