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Sophie Levine Mayea (1909-2012)

Sophie was born in December 1909 in Syracuse to Chaneh (Harry) Levine and his wife Rachel (Rose) Katz Levine.  I have written briefly about this family earlier (here).  Although they had started out in Syracuse, where Harry’s siblings had settled,

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Marion’s Memories

Although it was the second weekend in December and, like everyone else we had plenty of holiday tasks to be doing, Judy and I decided it was time for another trip to the Connecticut State Library in Hartford. We hadn’t

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And Three Sisters Came to America…

In a variation on the theme, this post is about three sisters who came to America and went in different directions.  There actually were more than 3 Yellin sisters and there was a brother too.  And some of them did

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Three Brothers Came to America…

Actually, it was two brothers and a sister.  And they didn’t come together but at three different times to two different places.  From about 1899 to 1905.  And there was a friend who became a brother-in-law.  They, like many immigrants

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Nathan’s Story

This is a work in progress.  My husband’s grandfather, Nathan is a man of mystery in a family of many mysteries.  I have more questions than answers, but here is what I know so far. Nathan was born June 3,

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