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The Impossible Meeting

How did you meet your spouse/sweetheart? How did your siblings or friends meet theirs? Most people I know met at school: college or high school. Of course there have always been more interesting and unusual ways to meet, and these

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Joseph and Zissel Scheier, of Russia and Milwaukee

I am focusing today on developing my strategies for contacting the living possible relatives of this Scheier line. I have posted about this family before (click here). And contacting the living descendents has been on my genealogy to-do list for

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The Life and Travels of Julius Scheier

Uncle Julius, my husband’s great uncle Julius Scheier, was not on the family radar until I started doing the family history. There were 3 Scheiers who were known about: grandmother Pearl, Uncle Doc, and Uncle Louis. As I have written

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Who Are These Scheiers and Are We Related to Them?

Today, while avoiding the household tasks I should be doing, I have been making a spreadsheet to show the city directory I collected last week in Washington. I listened to a couple of talks about using city directories to add

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Where in the World is Sarah Riddner (in 1910)?

She should be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her mother.  She was only 2 at the time of the 1910 federal population census. This family has been most elusive in the 1910 census.  Over the years I have tried every variation

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