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Bernard and Ruth Field Freund

I recently found Bernard Freund on the 1940 census and discovered a new fact.  He was an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board at about the same time as my father-in-law. When I went back and read the letter

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Looking for the Riddner Cousins in Connecticut

This is a work in progress as I work to track the Riddner family that my mother-in-law was part of.  [I have written a couple of past posts about Sarah and her family, here and here.] In 1974 my sister-in-law

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The Impossible Meeting

How did you meet your spouse/sweetheart? How did your siblings or friends meet theirs? Most people I know met at school: college or high school. Of course there have always been more interesting and unusual ways to meet, and these

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Tracking Ben Riddner

I seem to be focused on family mysteries, so here is another one. This one has to do with my husband’s family and is a result of his mother not talking much about her parents or upbringing, or her life

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Where in the World is Sarah Riddner (in 1910)?

She should be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her mother.  She was only 2 at the time of the 1910 federal population census. This family has been most elusive in the 1910 census.  Over the years I have tried every variation

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