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Sir Titus Salt, Related or Not?

My father, like some others with the Salt surname, wanted to believe that he was related to Sir Titus Salt.  In my father’s case I think he was attracted not merely to the title of this Englishman, but to his

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February Genealogy To-Do List

Lots of snow here in Massachusetts, keeping me indoors even more than the cold does, and therefore I am more likely to be doing something genealogical.  I have been working on one of my small projects and started another which

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Again with the Brick Wall Ancestor: Edward Salt(s) (?–1812)

It has been a long time since I looked at or wrote anything about my Salt emigrant ancestor, so I thought it was about time to put it out there again.  In the hopes that somebody who reads this might

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Do You Know These People? Mystery Photographs

Among the various things I have “inherited” from my Aunt Susan, was a frame with two pictures side-by-side.  The frame was the kind that stands on a piece of furniture and I imagined my Aunt Susan keeping this on her

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June Genealogy To-Do List

Research * Figure out how to request information about possible records from St. Xavier in Cincinnati. * Continue to work on updating the Denman database with information already collected and/or noted by cousin Claudia in her review. I already discovered

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