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The Life and Travels of Julius Scheier

Uncle Julius, my husband’s great uncle Julius Scheier, was not on the family radar until I started doing the family history. There were 3 Scheiers who were known about: grandmother Pearl, Uncle Doc, and Uncle Louis. As I have written

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December Genealogy To-Do List

Research * Look for census records for Telemachus B. Coffin, to add to what I know about where he was at different times. * Start trying to find the Kiernan family that Telemachus’s wife came from. * Continue to look

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November Genealogy To-Do List

Research * Continue to look for live relatives in the Scheier line. [No success in October. However, I did have a cause for a genealogy happy dance: I got registrations/certificates of marriage for two Scheier men, confirming that they were

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Who Are These Scheiers and Are We Related to Them?

Today, while avoiding the household tasks I should be doing, I have been making a spreadsheet to show the city directory I collected last week in Washington. I listened to a couple of talks about using city directories to add

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Tracking Ben Riddner

I seem to be focused on family mysteries, so here is another one. This one has to do with my husband’s family and is a result of his mother not talking much about her parents or upbringing, or her life

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