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Labor Day

On this holiday we celebrate the American worker and his or her contribution to our American life, but the holiday was actually born as a way to appease workers after a brutal crackdown on the workers and the union during

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Who is Morris Kessler–the 1940 Census Strikes Again?

If I had known that the 1940 census would be this interesting I would have started looking at it a lot sooner. The last piece I posted for this blog was about my husband’s family’s appearance in the 1940 census

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Tax Time

Here’s how my April 15th went.   Visited grumpy son–bailed him out of relatively minor credit card debt. Spoke to grumpy daughter-  Navy boyfriend has just left for 9 months in Qatar. Finished the taxes–more or less. Grumped a lot.

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Genealogy Time Capsule

     Once again I am writing this blog surrounded by construction debris and piles of dust.  Having unearthed my computer from its protective cocoon of plastic wrap has allowed the dust to colonize yet another area of the house and

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My Cousin Dan Sold War Stamps

I recently found this clipping from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in a box of stuff I was sorting through.   The clipping is dated January 1942. I know this from the reverse side, which features a patriotic advertisement. Here is

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