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Genealogy to Family History Part Two—The Silvermans Come to America

In Part I of this series I listed some of the facts I know about my grandfather’s life.  In this post I have turned those facts into a story My grandfather’s story is in many ways an ordinary story.  Grandpa’s

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Genealogy to Family History–How I Do It–Part One

I am in the process of switching to a new genealogy database.  Rather than importing the data I am entering it by hand and taking this opportunity to review material, assess what I know and yes, clean up those source

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s Saturday afternoon and they’re gone, not the leftovers, the relatives.  The leftover turkey will last forever.  Have you noticed that every recipe you use to get rid of the turkey actually extends its life?  Its like Zeno’s paradox, you’re

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I’m sitting here in front of my computer with a nice glass of ice tea, soon to be followed by something on the grill and a nice glass of something a bit stronger than ice tea.  Soon to be followed

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Jersey Shore

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it takes a thousand words to understand a picture. These pictures  look simple enough, a happy young couple at the beach in an earlier time, but for

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