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What Happened to Gertrude

The title of this post refers to my great-aunt, Gertrude Silver, and I struggled to decide if the title should be a statement or a question.  I think I need a new punctuation mark, because the answer is a bit

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Happy International Day of Older Persons

  Yes, October 1 is really International Day of Older Persons, at least according to the United Nations and who am I to argue with the UN. I was completely unaware of International Day of Older Persons until a desperate

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Labor Day

On this holiday we celebrate the American worker and his or her contribution to our American life, but the holiday was actually born as a way to appease workers after a brutal crackdown on the workers and the union during

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Who is Morris Kessler–the 1940 Census Strikes Again?

If I had known that the 1940 census would be this interesting I would have started looking at it a lot sooner. The last piece I posted for this blog was about my husband’s family’s appearance in the 1940 census

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My Cousin Dan Sold War Stamps

I recently found this clipping from the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in a box of stuff I was sorting through.   The clipping is dated January 1942. I know this from the reverse side, which features a patriotic advertisement. Here is

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