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Gertrude’s Story

I wrote recently about my grandfather’s brother, Sam Silver.  Sam was a handsome man who served in the Spanish-American War and disappeared, both from our family history and from the census and other written documents until reappearing in the 1920

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Where in the World is Sam Silver?

Sam Silver was my grandfather’s brother, my great-uncle. Unless he is the oldest man in the world, in which case he probably would have been in the newspapers and I would know where he is, he is long deceased by

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The Hundred Year Old Pony

Photography has been a vital element of family history since its earliest days.  We cherish the oldest photographs taken when photography was an art practiced by a knowledgeable few.  Now we live in an age where every moment of our

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The Silvermans Come to America–Part III

This is the third part of a series about my grandfather, Alexander Silver.  You can read Parts I and II by following the links.   Alexander Silver married Pauline Bublick in November of 1896.  He was twenty years old and

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Genealogy to Family History Part Two—The Silvermans Come to America

In Part I of this series I listed some of the facts I know about my grandfather’s life.  In this post I have turned those facts into a story My grandfather’s story is in many ways an ordinary story.  Grandpa’s

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