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Stavropol, Vienna, New York? A Photographic Mystery

I have two pictures of my great-grandparents, Mendel and Lena Silverman with my grandfather and his brother dressed in Russian Cossack outfits. These are not two different pictures; they are the same picture pasted on different card stock from different

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Silvers in Philadelphia

  This is the final part of four of the story of my grandfather, Alexander Silver. Follow the links for Parts I, II, and III. My grandparents settled in Philadelphia by 1920. They lived first in the Strawberry Mansion section

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The Silvermans Come to America–Part III

This is the third part of a series about my grandfather, Alexander Silver.  You can read Parts I and II by following the links.   Alexander Silver married Pauline Bublick in November of 1896.  He was twenty years old and

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Genealogy to Family History Part Two—The Silvermans Come to America

In Part I of this series I listed some of the facts I know about my grandfather’s life.  In this post I have turned those facts into a story My grandfather’s story is in many ways an ordinary story.  Grandpa’s

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