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Not New Year’s Resolutions

I started in once again on everyone’s perennial New Year’s resolution–get organized. The same thing happens every year and every year I forget the reason I failed to get organized. I started going through old files and then–“Hey, look at

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Life on the Farm Part III Guest Blogger–Jack Costello

This is the last in a three part series written by Norman’s Uncle Jack about life on the Costello farm around 1920.  The first two parts can be found here and here. Again, the words are Uncle Jack’s, I have

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Life On The Farm PartII– guest blogger–Jack Costello

This is the second part of  a series of the memories of Uncle Jack Costello about life on a farm in eastern Washington in the early twentieth century. You can read the first part here. Family farm diet ran heavily

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Life on the Farm— Guest Blogger — Jack Costello

I am pleased to share with you a piece written by Norman’s Uncle Jack about life on a wheat farm in Eastern Washington in the early part of the twentieth century.  This was written for a family reunion in 1992. 

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Pat and I Are Not Related–Yet

The first half of this post is Pat’s, the second half is Judy’s The Salt name is not an easy one to research, as you might imagine.  Salt Lake City always comes up when you search.  As does salt lick,

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