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Nathan Stein or My Mother Remembered Everything

One day when I was visiting my mother in her Philadelphia home I actually did something other than lie about and eat her excellent cooking.  I sat my Mom down and went through most of the enormous number of family

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It’s Constitution Day

On September 17, 1787 the final draft of the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia. We moved from being a Confederation of states to a nation with a strong central government.  An election was scheduled on January 7, 1789

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Too Many Steins

I have lots of family pictures, boxes and boxes of them.  About fifteen years ago I actually had the foresight to sit down with my mother and ask her to help me label these old photos.   In the course of

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Look and Look Again Part One or My Most Embarrassing Genealogical Moment

We have all been told many times the value of looking again at the information we have accumulated and revisiting sources we have used in the past when trying to make progress in our family histories.  We simply cannot stress

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